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Practical ways to help - If someone close to you has a gambling problem, an honest, non-confrontational conversation may be just what they need to get started on the road to recovery. Once you've opened up the conversation, there are many practical ways you can help someone with a gambling problem. Together you can talk about what might work and put actions in place. How to Talk to Someone About Their Gambling Problem ... Know someone with a gambling problem but don't know how to help? Follow these tips on how to talk to someone about their gambling addiction. BeGambleAware offer free support and advice for gambling addiction in the UK. BeGambleAware®: Gambling Help & Gambling Addiction ... BeGambleAware promotes safer gambling. Get key information to help recognise problems and stay in control. Need someone to talk to? Get free gambling support with our helpline, or chat with an adviser online.

If you're affected by someone's gambling. Support is also available to people who are worried about someone else's gambling: GamCare Gamcare offers support and information for partners, friends and family of people who gamble compulsively. GamAnon Local support groups for anyone affected by someone else's gambling problem – find your nearest group.

4 Steps to an Effective Gambling Intervention | CHOOSE… Someone you care about gambles far more than they should. You’ve tried talking to them about their gambling but your words have never brought any tangible change in gambling behaviors. They may have been angry when you broached the subject or they may have denied the existence of a problem... My partner has a gambling addiction – what should I do?

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You will be talking to a GamCare Adviser who is trained to listen and help people affected by problem gambling. The Adviser will listen to you carefully and encourage you to talk about your concerns.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a gambling-related problem, consider talking to someone about it. You are. Gambling-related problems can be severe. If you or someone you know is suffering from a gambling-related problem, consider talking to someone about it. You are not alone and help is available.

Most people wouldn't say that betting on ANY prediction is gambling, only those bets likely to lose, that's why gambling has a negative conotation, thought of as foolish, etc. Indeed, while most traditional definitions are of the 'betting on uncertain events' variety, many also allude to this negative view. How Can I Help Someone With A Gambling Problem?